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California 2020-2022

The Academy of Gp Orthodontics has provided comprehensive orthodontic continuing education courses for the General Practitioner for 30 years. Our 12-session hands-on courses are designed to be the closest CE Course to an orthodontic residency for the General Practitioner. Courses meet one weekend every two months and consist of a Friday classroom instruction and a Saturday comprehensive clinical hands-on training with direct patient treatment to ensure excellent case results. You will have the same instructor for all 12 sessions and each course is limited in number of participants in order to maintain an optimum, dynamic student-to-instructor learning experience in a clinical setting.

Confidently incorporate orthodontics into your general practice! Course tuition and expenses are easily recovered by beginning three to four cases in your own practice by Session III. Students are encouraged to bring patient records to the Friday sessions for case mentoring and troubleshooting. In addition to treating patients, participants will develop a digital library by taking intra-oral photographs of hands-on patients. All patients, materials, and supplies for the clinical sessions are provided by the Academy. Tuition also includes monitoring for one year upon completion of the course, with current AGpO membership.

  • What is the Academy of Gp Orthodontics?
  • Meet your instructor
  • How the course is set up
  • Overview of the Differential Straight-Arch® Technique
  • How being able to do comprehensive orthodontics can help build your practice
  • Introductions
  • Evolution of orthodontics and the Differential Straight-Arch® Technique
  • Overview of the 3 stages of the technique:
    1. Stage I is to straighten anterior teeth
    2. Stage II is to close any posterior space
    3. Stage III is to reach final tip and torque of teeth
  • Introduction to Stage One
  • Discussion of the orthodontic work-up
  • Introduction to clinical patients
  • Stage One Treatment in detail
  • Diagnosis overview
    • Facial profile analysis
    • Model analysis
    • Cephalometric Analysis
  • Patient consult appointment
  • Patient informed consent
  • Treatment financing arrangements
  • Review of clinical Patients from Session I
  • Review Stage One
  • Troubleshooting Stage One problems
  • Diagnosis Continued:
    • Cephalometric Analysis
    • Putting Diagnosis all together
  • Extractions
  • Palatal expansion
  • Cuspid impactions
  • Review of clinical patients from Session II
  • Stage I troubleshooting
  • Introduction - Pre-Stage Two and Stage Two
  • Diagnosis (cont’d)
  • Creating Space/Air-Rotor Stripping
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Patient management
  • Begin Stage II - Closing posterior space
  • Review of clinical patients from Session III
  • Stage Two and Pre-Stage Three in detail
  • Etiology of malocclusion
  • Extraction and non-extraction treatment
  • Stage II continued:
    • Correcting midlines
    • Getting first molars into a Class I relationship
  • Review of clinical patients from Session IV
  • Practice Management
  • Review of Stages One, Stage Two, and Pre-Three
  • Review of clinical patients from Session V
  • Midterm Exam
  • Introduction to Stage Three
  • Lecture on tooth movement mechanics
  • Molar Distalization
  • Root Resorption
  • Review of clinical patients from Session VI
  • Stage Three in detail
  • Risk Management
  • Review of clinical patients from Session VII
  • Review all stages
  • Review of clinical patients from Session VIII
  • Case finishing in detail
  • Early treatment
  • Limited treatment
  • Review diagnosis
  • Mixed Dentition
    • Analysis & Treatment
    • Space Loss
    • Space Management: Creating/Maintaining
    • Etiology of Growth & Development
  • Functional Appliances
    • Herbst
    • Jasper Jumper
    • Twin Force Bite Corrector
  • Airways & Oral habits
  • De-impacting Erupting Molars
  • Review of Clinical patients from Session IX
  • Early treatment (cont’d)
  • Debanding and Retention
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Troubleshooting
  • Review of Clinical patients from Session X
  • Cosmetic Considerations:
    • Veneers
    • Small laterals
    • Missing laterals
    • Chipped anteriors
  • TMD as it relates to Orthodontics
  • Final Review
  • Practice Risk Management
  • Final Exam
  • Bonus Topics – based on class requests.
  • Review of clinical patients from Session XI
  • Graduation & Awards Dinner

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the organization responsible for all dental education in this country, recently honored Dr. Holexa. He was one of only 22 educators selected nationwide to participate in the ADEA Leadership Institute. Dr. Holexa will have the opportunity to interact with the leaders of dental education in the United States. The Academy of GP Orthodontics is proud to have Dr. Holexa as one of our 12- session hands-on course instructors. The training he will receive at the Institute will assist him in continuing to be one of the leaders in dental education.


Dec. 12 | Introductory Session


Feb. 12-13 | Session I
April 9-10 | Session II
June 4-5 | Session III
July 30-31 | Session IV
Sept. 17-18 | Session V
Nov. 19-20 | Session VI


Jan. 7-8 | Session VII
March 18-19 | Session VIII
May 20-21 | Session IX
Aug. 5-6 | Session X
Oct.. 14-15 | Session XI
Dec. 9-10  | Session XII & Graduation

Shawn Fox, D.D.S.
Fox Valley Family Dentistry
535 North Akers St.
Visalia, California 93291

Visalia Marriott at Convention Center
300 South Court
Visalia, California 93291
Reservations: (559) 636-1111

"Going into the course, I had no idea about tooth movement and fixed orthodontics. At about 4 months into the course I was so amazed at what I had learned and put into practice. I have recommended it to my colleagues already. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about Tip-Edge."
- A. Omilabu, D.D.S.

The knowledge gained through the Friday lecture/seminar format is reinforced by Saturday’s clinical participation, allowing you the optimum learning experience. Upon course completion, you will:

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Differential Straight-Arch® Technique and patient treatment.
  • Effectively diagnose and develop a treatment plan for each case.
  • Have an understanding of the variables affecting treatment and treatment outcome.
  • Have a proficiency in treating orthodontic malocclusions seen in your practice.
  • Confidently incorporate orthodontics into your general practice!



The Academy of Gp Orthodontics is a non-profit educational and professional organization which was founded by Dr. Charles Yates in 1987. Its membership is composed of dentists and dental specialists who provide quality orthodontic care for their patients. The organization's goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and new technological developments in the field of orthodontics through comprehensive orthodontic experiences with direct patient care. Leadership Feedback

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