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Course Testimonials
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Orthodontic Course Testimonials

"I decided to take the 12 session class because I wanted to offer Orthodontics to my patients. Treating patients comprehensively requires an understanding of every one of our specialties including orthodontics. Aligning teeth, correcting malocclusions and restoring self esteem In our patients  are only a few of the true rewards dentists obtain practicing orthodontics."

Humberto Nunez Gil, DMD Texas


"I really enjoyed Dr. Wilkerson's "Early orthodontic/orthopedic course". It definitely enhanced my current Tip-Edge technique, but I believe would be equally useful for doctors using other bracket systems as well. Learning how to handle some cases early will lead to better outcomes for later orthodontic treatment and may even eliminate the need for braces completely. Altogether great learning, great Texas food, great new friends!"

Dr. Igor Kaplansky, Gasport, NY


It is an excellent course..very well presented. Our instructors Dr.Allen and Dr.McCrea were very good and they genuinely wanted us to learn and start doing cases in our practices.The clinical staff Mel,Kayla,April were excellent and very supportive.Very grateful to all of them for putting together an excellent course. 
Dr. Aparna Angadi
Frisco, TX 


"This early treatment course has helped me start more Early Phase I treatment on my patients. Dr. Wilkerson is a terrific instructor and offers to help you with cases which was something I liked and appreciated. It was nice to go next door with him after lecture and have a beer! Dr. Vasut is very helpful chairside and I learned a lot from his staff on how it's done, especially Dennise as she has years of ortho experience."

Dr. Khoi Nguyen, Houston, TX


"This course was Terrific!!!  Best hands on course I have ever taken!!  The classroom instruction and clinical experience has given me the confidence to diagnose and treat orthodontic cases.  I had wanted to incorporate orthodontics into my practice for many years but was hesitant to do so taking weekend typodont classes.  Hands on with real patients and fantastic clinical instructors is the only way to go and that is what you get with this course."
Dr. David Pendleton
Rockdale, Texas


"The 12 session hands-on tip edge orthodontic course through the Academy of GP Orthodontics has been great.  The instructor, Dr. Robert Allen, and his staff were both knowledgeable and helpful.  The education I received through this course has allowed me to confidently integrate comprehensive orthodontics into my practice. "

 Dr. Jake Christensen

Emmett, ID

" Aside from me wanting to say thank you to Roy and Fred for all of your help, thank you for the pearls of wisdom at the last session.  It has truly been a great pleasure getting to know you both and I am just thrilled with the course.  I am loving Orthodontics more than ever! It is becoming the most exciting and enjoyable aspect of my practice, even though I am only at the beginning stages.  For me this feels more like a hobby than work."

Daniel Cohen, DDS

“This is one of the best ortho courses I've taken so far. It completely gives you the confidence to treat patients without any hesitation compared to other simple ortho courses because you have patients to treat from the beginning to the end of the course.”

Brian Le, DMD

“Absolutely awesome course. Superb instructors, lectures & patients. My practice of dentistry is forever changed! Thank you.”

Philip Sandefur, DDS

“Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for offering such a great course and I will definitely keep in touch with you re: ongoing cases at the office. You have made the world of Orthodontics that much more interesting and Tip-Edge is definitely the way to go. “
Warm regards,

Patricia Wan-Chow-Wah, B.Sc., DMD

“I must add a note as to how much that class has meant to me. Roy is the most outstanding teacher I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He is very patient, fun and always helpful. That class was the best investment I ever made. I now start about 2 orthodontic cases a month, adding $120,000.00 per year to my practice income. I appreciate the Academy and their effort to make orthodontic continuing education available to the general practitioner. “

Randy R Ollerton, DDS

“Thank you for your excellent teachings these two years. Your attention to detail has helped to fill in the gaps my previous classes left out and has given me much more confidence in the system. Once again, thank you for a great and enjoyable two years. “

Carl Futenma, DDS

“I admit I chose the program not because of the technique, but more due to the way they teach it. There are probably over a dozen groups out there teaching Straight Wire. None that I could find taught their technique with a true hands-on component. Most of the courses have some typodont work and lecture. Come back in three months for part two. We meet every six to eight weeks for one day of lecture and to review our cases from home. The second day we go to the Host dentist’s office and see patients. The idea is we will see the technique in action from start to finish, learn how to do the adjustments, and to recognize when it’s time to go to the next stage.
Differential Straight-Arch Technique or “Tip-Edge” as most people call it is taught by the Academy of Gp Orthodontics. It is a technique with over 25 years of use. They teach complete orthodontics, including cephalometric and model diagnosis. About one in five cases will be an extraction case – not all cases can be treated non-extraction as some programs advocate. It is called tip edge because the shape of the bracket allows for the teeth to freely tip toward extraction spaces to close them. Then the angle of the slot on the bracket, along with accessory NiTi wire is used to torque the tooth to the right position.
The technique is easy to understand and the instructors I have met have been committed to our learning the system and diagnosis. If there is a downside, it is that you’ll be entering a small community of dentists. I wish I had found this course sooner. The tuition is a little intimidating, ~13,500, expense for startup are about 5,000-6,000 (this includes a Margraph adapter to take cephalometric x-rays with your PA unit). It is comparable with other programs and cheaper than some. It will take you from start to finish.”

Kyle McCrea, DDS

"I just want to say thank you and Fred so much for all your help and pearls of wisdom at the last session. It has truly been a great pleasure getting to know you both and i am just thrilled with the course and I'm loving Orthodontics more than ever. It is becoming the most exciting and enjoyable aspect of my practice even though I am only at the beginning stages. For me this feels more like a hobby than work."

Daniel Cohen, DDS


“This course was the best step I’ve ever taken to ‘recession proof’ my practice. Many of my colleagues have complained about slow downs in their practice due to the economy. With ortho as part of my practice there is no seasonal slow down or economic down turn. Patients want ortho for themselves and their children and they don’t want to be referred down the block.”
Gregory R. Cannizzo, D.D.S.
McHenry, Illinois

"Going into the course, I had no idea about tooth movement and fixed orthodontics.At about 4 months into the course I was so amazed at what I had learned and put into practice. I have recommended it to my colleagues already. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about Tip-Edge.”

Adetutu Omilabu, D.D.S.
Katy, Texas

“The Academy of Gp Orthodontics’ hands-on course was a wonderful learning experience for me. It has given me the ability as a general practitioner to confidently treat those patients already in my practice who desire orthodontic treatment. And the best part is the network of fellow students and our instructor, who was always there to help with challenging cases. I highly recommend this course.”
Tom Jacobsen, D.D.S.
Sitka, Alaska

“The Academy of Gp Orthodontics Hands-On Course is an outstanding program to learn orthodontics. I started the program just 6 months out of dental school, which means I had no knowledge of orthodontics. The Academy instructor was able to give me the confidence and skills to treat everything from simple cases to the very complex. Orthodontics has become an exciting, interesting and very rewarding part of my practice. My patients love the fact that I can take care of their orthodontic needs.”
Craig O’Donoghue, D.D.S.
Fairbanks, Alaska

“Wow! What an excellent training course! In a 35 year career in dentistry, this is by far the best maxi continuing education course I’ve taken——bar none. The complete training I’ve received from Dr. Ron Austin has made and is continuing to make a most dramatic impact in my practice. The mystery of orthodontics has disappeared having been replaced with a confidence to treat any orthodontic case!”
Charles E. Young, Jr., D.D.S.
Collierville, Tennessee

“Taking the hands-on orthodontic course offered by the Academy of Gp Orthodontics was the best continuing education decision I have ever made! There are other classroom or typodont only courses out there, but there is NO substitute for learning comprehensive orthodontics on patients. Dr. Ron Austin has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in orthodontics and does an amazing job of teaching this course. He has always been available, even after the course was over, to provide help if needed. Dr. Austin’s teaching makes you confident in your ability to treat orthodontic patients. Plus, my patients don’t want to, and don’t have to, seek orthodontics elsewhere. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!”

J. Dale Smith, D.D.S.
Canton, Ohio

"I took the Academy of Gp Ortho class with the intention of improving my esthetic cases, but after starting the class I soon realized how orthodontics was going to become a big portion of my practice. The lecture and hands-on training gave me the confidence after a few sessions to start some cases, and now after completing the class I find myself very referring. Orthodontics has become a real enjoyment for me and my staff. Thanks Gp Orthodontics!!"
Dr. Kurt Stodola

"I tell many colleagues about our organization and the outstanding hands-on treatment that you can’t get anywhere else. By far this is the best way to learn orthodontics aside from applying to ortho residency. In fact it may be even better. There is a huge network of dedicated members all willing to help. This sharing of information, at no extra cost, is what sets our organization apart."
Dr. Keith Wilkerson
Pediatric Dentist
Midland, TX.

"The Academy of Gp Ortho Tip-Edge course will absolutely energize your practice. This is one of the only orthodontic courses you can take that offers support from day one, pays for itself before you’ve completed the course, and results in confidence in not only the mechanics of the system but also in diagnosis and treatment planning."
Dr. Bert Vasut
Pediatric Dentist
Cedar Park, TX.

"I searched out this course because of the hands on experience. I had a colleague go through the course and he had high recommendations of the course. I believe it was time well spent."
Scott Lee, D.D.S.
Stafford, AZ

"I have been confidently practicing ortho thanks to this course. It was money well spent. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn ortho in an open and supportive environment."
Carmen Swenson, DDS
McAllen, TX





The Academy of Gp Orthodontics is a non-profit educational and professional organization which was founded by Dr. Charles Yates in 1987. Its membership is composed of dentists and dental specialists who provide quality orthodontic care for their patients. The organization's goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and new technological developments in the field of orthodontics through comprehensive orthodontic experiences with direct patient care. Leadership Feedback

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