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Course FAQ


Is this course right for me?

The 12 session orthodontic continuing education program is intensive and requires a large commitment of time and effort but in return offers a comprehensive orthodontic education that will give graduates an unsurpassed level of knowledge and comfort with incorporating orthodontics into their practice. 

Why should I take this course? 

If you desire to incorporate comprehensive orthodontics into your practice, then this course offers you an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to learning orthodontics.  


For whom is this course intended?

This course is intended for general practitioners and specialists who have little or no prior experience in orthodontics.


What is the course format?

This clinical hands-on course meets every 6-8 weeks on Friday for lecture / didactic and Saturday in a clinical setting treating patients.


What will I learn?


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Academy of Gp orthodontics

• How class works

• Overview of Tip-Edge® technique (Stage One,Two,

and Three)

• How being able to do comprehensive orthodontics

can help your practice


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Overview of class

• More in-depth overview of the technique

(Stage One,Two,Three)

• Stage One of orthodontics

• How to put braces on


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Stage One continued

• What to do on orthodontic recalls (maintenance visits

in Stage One)

• Diagnosis overview

• Patient analysis

• Model analysis

• Patient consent



Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Diagnosis continued

• Ceph analysis

• Putting diagnosis all together

• Extraction site selection

• Pre-stage Two and Three


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Stage One trouble shooting

• Patient financing

• Patient management

• Start Stage Two

• Closing posterior space


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Stage Two continued

• Correcting midlines

• Getting first molars to class I molar


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Quiz over Stages One and Two

• Stage Three


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Stripping

• Using diamond strips

• Air rotor stripping (ARS)

• Taking braces off

• Retainers

• Temporary retainers

• Conventional removable retainers

• Fixed retainers

• Bioliners



Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Functional appliances (Herbst, Jasper Jumper,

Twin Force bite corrector)

• Molar distalization

• Root resorption


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Mixed dentition

• Analysis and treatment

• Space loss

• Space maintenance


Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Mixed dentition continued

• Correcting anterior crossbite

• Correcting habits

• Lip bumpers

• Etiology of growth and development;                                        

airways and habits

• De-impacting erupting molars



Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Cosmetic considerations

• Ortho/veneers

• Ortho/small laterals

• Ortho/missing laterals

• Ortho/chipped anteriors

• TMD – as it relates to orthodontics



Lecture Topics & Objectives

• Final Examination

• Orthognathic surgery

• Practice management and risk

• Bonus topic based on class


Do I need to have any orthodontic experience? No, this course is intended for general practitioners and specialists who have little to no prior experience in orthodontics.  We understand that you learn little about orthodontics in dental school.


What is the Academy of Gp Orthodontics? A non-profit continuing education organization made up of general dentists, pedodontists and other specialists.  The organization provides orthodontic courses with its basic 12 Session hands-on course; along with intermediate and advanced training in orthodontics.  We also offer courses to train your assistants. The courses are taught by seasoned, practicing general dentists and pedodontists who are well-trained in the Differential Straight-arch Technique (Tip-Edge® System).   

Conflict of Interest Statement: The Academy of Gp Orthodontics Inc. receives no money or financial support from TP Orthodontics, Inc., or any other company.  AGpO instructors are required to sign a conflict of interest statement and thereby do not/and will not receive any financial support from any manufacturer or product presented during the course.


Why should I join the Academy?  Membership in the Academy is required for all students in the comprehensive 12 session course.  Membership provides many options for networking and mentoring with AGpO instructors through intermediate and advanced training through the Academy’s Advanced Course, Annual Meeting and Assistant Course training. Detailed Patient Diagnostic Service is provided to members by AGpO instructors at a discounted fee.

We offer a Tier Advancement Program for Associate Fellowship (with successful completion of the 12 session hands-on course and presentation of 3 cases started in your practice), Fellow, and Diplomate status.  Show you patients and colleagues that you are serious about your professional development!

AGpO members’ only website, allows access to membership materials: effective patient communication letters, patient financial contracts and patient insurance filing.  This information is updated frequently and annually members are given this valuable tool for patient care and education. Generous ongoing discounts from industry suppliers and labs.  At the Academy’s website you will find a:  Members’ only Tip-Edge Forum to network members with AGpO instructors and other members for case troubleshooting at no charge, along with a Library of Technique Tips and recommendations. Online access to a bi-monthly journal along with access to current and past issues of other major orthodontic journals.

What is a Get Acquainted Session or Bonus Weekend?  These are optional sessions you can attend to make sure this course is for you. It gives you an opportunity to meet the course instructor see the clinical facility and meet the course host.  The session will include a lecture with an introduction to orthodontics and the differential straight-arch technique along with clinical time with patient treatment demonstration.  The bonus session will allow an extra 2 day session for pre-enrolled students.      

What orthodontic technique do you teach?  Differential Straight-arch Technique often referred to as the Tip-Edge System.    

What is the difference between Tip-Edge® and straight-wire? Please refer to journal article:  The Tip-Edge Concept:  Eliminating Unnecessary Anchorage Strain by Chris Kesling, DDS, MS; Volume XXVI #3; JCO, Inc, 1992.

What are the costs associated with incorporating orthodontics in my practice?  Costs will be discussed during the “Get Acquainted” or Bonus session by the course instructor.  Course equipment and inventory costs can be offset by the student beginning patient treatments in their own practice by the 3rd session of the course.  AGpO instructors do give students minimum up front supply lists along with practical tips and resources to begin patient treatment in their own practice. 


What are the requirements for becoming a student?  The course is open to any U.S. licensed general dentist or specialist. If a dentist is not U.S. licensed then they may participate in the course as a dental assistant working at the chair with a U.S. licensed dentist (licensed by the state the course is being given in).  


What makes this course different?  The fact that this is a true hands-on course with patients that each pair of students are assigned to treat during the 24 month course.  You are not observing or working on typodonts.  There is limited typodont/lab practice prior to working on the patients, at the discernment of the course instructor. 


What is the student to instructor ratio?  The maximum ratio is 1 instructor per 10 students with the host dentist being onsite and assisting the course instructor.  If the instructor is the host as well, then a co-clinical instructor can be hired at the discretion of the instructor to assist students with their patients.


How many CE hours will I receive? The Academy’s 12 session hands-on courses offer a minimum of 150 CDE hours with the opportunity to earn more through case reviews with your course instructor at no additional charge. Course monitoring privileges are available to recent graduates with current membership. This allows you to receive up to 300 total hours!   


Why does the course last two years?  The course boosts the student’s learning curve in many ways with the comprehensive hands-on approach by allowing students to successfully treat several cases under the direction of the course instructor during the 24 month course.  Also, students beginning cases in their practices can receive instructor assistance with patient diagnosis, treatment planning and case progress during times set aside during each course session for each students’ own patients in progress.  Upon course completion students will have participated directly in case completion of their own patients in the clinical portion of the course and from their own practice.  Indirectly, they will share and receive information with their classmates’ clinical patients along with patients from their practices as well.       


How many patients does each student treat? Each student will typically treat from 2-3 patients from diagnosis and banding to retention (or as close to retention as possible given the treatment plan). Students will treat the same patients throughout the course. Students will also act as assistant to the student that they are paired with in the clinic. This means that each student will be directly involved in the treatment of 4-6 patients during the course.


Do I have to provide my own patients? No, the Academy will provide students with their patients for the clinical aspect of the course. However, if you live in close proximity to the course location and have patients in your practice that you would like to treat in the course, arrangement can be made accordingly.


What is the tuition for the course?

U.S. $14,400 + 2 years of membership in the Academy which is $295 per year (or $590)

total - $14,990.00

Canada $16,900 + 2 years of membership in the Academy which is $295 per year (or $590)

total - $17,490.00

What are my financing options?
 You can pay your tuition up front in full or we offer interest free financing through the Academy. Full payment OR a down payment is due the week prior to the Introductory/Bonus Session. Remaining balance will be paid in 11 Installments, due each month following Session I.


Don’t see your question or have additional questions? Please call the Academy at (800) 634-2027 if you have additional questions.

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