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Early Treatment Ohio 2020 - 2021
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The Academy of Gp Orthodontics has provided comprehensive orthodontic continuing education courses for the General Practitioner for 30 years. Our hands-on courses are designed to be the closest CE Course to an Orthodontic Residency for the General Practitioner. Courses meet one weekend every two months and consist of a Friday classroom instruction and a Saturday comprehensive clinical hands-on training with direct patient treatment to ensure excellent case results. You will have the same instructor for all six sessions and this course is limited to 12 participants in order to maintain an optimum, dynamic student-to-instructor learning experience in a clinical setting.


  • Treat patients in a clinical setting
  • Early orthodontic diagnosis
  • Treatment timing: when to start
  • Record taking on young children
  • Treatment planning for early crowding
  • Mixed dentition space analyses
  • Case selection: which patients benefit from early treatment
  • Appliance design and selection
  • Facial profile analysis
  • Review of dental development and facial growth
  • Airway assessment in relation to facial growth
  • One Phase vs. Two Phase treatment strategies
  • Retention after Phase I
  • Early treatment of class I, class II and class III patients


"I really enjoyed Dr. Wilkerson's "Early orthodontic/orthopedic course". It definitely enhanced my current Tip-Edge technique, but I believe would be equally useful for doctors using other bracket systems as well. Learning how to handle some cases early will lead to better outcomes for later orthodontic treatment and may even eliminate the need for braces completely. Altogether great learning, great food, great new friends!"
- I. Kaplansky, D.D.S.


  • Course overview; review of course materials
  • Trends in Early treatment
  • Who, When, and Why early treatment
  • Patient selection
  • Early treatment goals
  • Review of primary dentition/ Growth and development
  • Space loss in the Primary and Mixed dentition
  • Midline symmetry/asymmetry
  • Anterior cross-bites
  • Posterior cross-bites; functional shift of the Mandible
  • Ectopic molar eruption
  • Upper midline Diastemas
  • Advancement arch
  • Wire locks
  • Serial extractions
  • Class I crowding overview
  • Class II, and early Class III cases
  • Early Orthodontic treatment strategies
  • Arch width assessment
  • Developing arch width
  • Adequate vs. Inadequate transverse development
  • Follow-up cases (after Phase I)
  • Mixed Dentition Space analysis in detail
  • Introduction to Mouth breathing
  • Facial Growth
  • "A Tale of Two Faces"
  • Hands on Lab (Space analysis on study models)
  • Schwarz analysis
  • Review of course patient from Session I
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)
  • Dual Arch Orthopedic technique
  • Coordinated Arch Development
  • Review transverse arch development from primary thru adult dentition
  • Case review and follow-up
  • Facial profile analysis
  • Bolton norms and facial profile
  • Early treatment diagnosis (putting it all together)
  • LLA (lower lingual arch)
  • Orthodontic lab prescriptions
  • Appliance design
  • Maxillary removable retainers (clasping requirements)
  • Review of course patients from Session II
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)
  • Nasorespiratory dysfunction
  • Mouth breathing and vertical facial growth
  • Nasal breathing benefits
  • Allergies
  • Rhinitis
  • Recognizing allergy signs
  • SDB (Sleep Disordered Breathing)
  • Tonsils and Adenoids
  • Correct oral posture
  • Facial Beauty
  • Head posture
  • Evaluation of Posterior Airway Space
  • Indicator Line (Dr. Mew)
  • Features of vertical growth prior to the pubertal growth spurt
  • Review of course patients from Session III
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)
  • Review of Class II patients
  • Treatment timing for Class II correction
  • Molar distalization
  • Herbst treatment (Dr. Vasut)
  • Review of treatment modalities for class II correction
  • Review of course patients from session IV
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)
  • Review of class III patients
  • Skeletal maturation
  • Treatment timing for early class III correction
  • Face mask selection
  • Class III mechanics
  • Appliance design for class III
  • Class III growers and growth patterns
  • Review of course patients from Session V
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)
  • Graduation Ceremony!


  • To eliminate or significantly reduce the extent of treatment needed in the permanent dentition
  • To prevent full expression of a developing malocclusion that will get worse over time
  • To maintain symmetry of the dental arches during transition to the permanent dentition
  • To allow the natural eruption and alignment of teeth so they assume position in the dental arch close to their final destination



You will learn the importance of early interception of malocclusions in the young patient and what appliances are necessary to achieve facial beauty and optimal functional occlusion. You will learn to quickly complete these therapies and the importance of gaining and maintaining control of patient treatment in the permanent dentition.

Keith Wilkerson, D.D.S. attended the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio and received his dental degree in 1990. He completed both a residency in pediatric dentistry and a master's of science degree from Baylor College of Dentistry and Baylor University in 1994. He has been board certified by the ABPD since 2000. Keith has been using the Tip-Edge® technique since his 1997 graduation from the Academy's 12-Session Hands-On Course. He is a member of the Academy, an Academy Diplomate and past president. Keith has been in private practice since 1993. Early orthodontic/orthopedic and interceptive treatments are his major focus, with an emphasis on correct facial growth and oral posture.

Milton Ntragatakis, D.D.S., M.S.D. is a 2006 Graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where he stayed two additional years for his Pediatric Dentistry training. Since then, he has served on faculty at the University’s Dental School, while opening up his private practice in Brunswick, OH in 2010. Dr. Milton has actively practiced orthodontics for the last 10 years, and attributes the majority of his training to Dr. Gerry Samson’s courses in Atlanta, Georgia. It was in one of those courses he met Dr. Ron Austin, who introduced him to the Academy’s Hands-on Courses. He has completed over 400 hours of orthodontic continuing education and he currently hosts the Academy’s 12-Session Comprehensive Hands-On Course in Brunswick, OH. He is currently a member of the Greater Cleveland Dental Society, the Ohio Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Academy of Gp Orthodontics.


MAY 29-30 | Intro. and Session I
Aug. 14-15 | Session II
September 18-19 | Session III
November 13-14 | Session IV
January 8-9 | Session V

February 26-27 | Session VI

Milton Ntragatakis, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Brunswick KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry
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Brunswick, Ohio 44212
Phone: 330-220-6363


Comfort Suites
1464 Town Center Boulevard
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"This early treatment course helped me start more Early Phase I treatment on my patients. Dr. Wilkerson is a terrific instructor and offers to help you with cases, which was something I liked and appreciated. The host instructor was also very helpful chairside and I learned a lot from his staff, as they had years of orthodontics experience."
- K. Nguyen, D.D.S.


The Academy of Gp Orthodontics is a non-profit educational and professional organization which was founded by Dr. Charles Yates in 1987. Its membership is composed of dentists and dental specialists who provide quality orthodontic care for their patients. The organization's goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and new technological developments in the field of orthodontics through comprehensive orthodontic experiences with direct patient care. Leadership Feedback

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